Meet the horses!

Hello Buck!

This is Buck!! He is a 26 year old buckskin quarter horse.  He really enjoys meal time, snacks and head scratches.


Big Mike is a rescue horse from Grumpy Horse Ranch. They saved him from slaughter in Pennsylvania.  They have a great rescue organization.  Mike is a 23 year old Percheron.  We don’t know a lot about him but think he was used in pulling something on a farm.  He is very gentle but startles easily.  He loves to be brushed and braided. He loves when people are gentle and move slowly with him.


Steve is a 23 year old sorrel quarter horse. He was donated to  us by a loving family.  Steve is a friendly fellow and likes to be bossy with other horses. He loves hay and his Best Friend is Henry.


Henry came to us malnourished and wild.  He is a 10 year old palomino quarter horse. We rescued him and his girlfriend, Bonnie. They  both needed to put on weight and to be cleaned up.  Henry has a malformed leg that was detected by our farrier, Sydney.  She has worked really hard to get his hooves better. Unfortunately, he can never be ridden because of his bad legs.